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      ABOUT US

      ■ 公司介紹


      寧波宮川智能科技有限公司位于浙江省第二大城市、江南水鄉兼海港城市寧波,公司由多名有豐富機床制造、銷售、售后服務經驗的骨干人員組成,是一家專業的機床裝備銷售服務代理公司,主要從事數控車床、車銑復合機床、加工中心、雙主軸數控車床、鉆攻中心等設備的銷售及維修維護服務,公司本著企業求信、產品求精、質量求好、服務求誠的經營理念,竭誠服務于廣大客戶。我們將依托專業化的技術力量,緊跟客戶需求,不斷改進和創新, 竭誠為客戶創造價值,提升客戶產品競爭力,共同發展!

      Ningbo Gongchuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, the second largest city in Zhejiang Province, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River and a seaport city. The company is composed of a number of backbone personnel with rich experience in machine tool manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It is a professional machine tool equipment sales service agency company, mainly engaged in CNC lathes, turning and milling compound machine tools, machining centers, double spindle CNC lathes For the sales, repair and maintenance services of drilling and attack center and other equipment, the company wholeheartedly serves our customers based on the business philosophy of enterprise seeking credit, product refinement, good quality and sincere service. We will rely on professional technical force, closely follow the needs of customers, constantly improve and innovate, wholeheartedly create value for customers, enhance the competitiveness of customers' products and develop together!

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